African IT Center offer many training courses in diferents sectors.since 1987 and to 2007 we had more than 7352 trainee in computing, language learning and human developement from both private and national organisations. we have a fully equiped classrooms and our teachers are highly qualified.

  1. Computing  :  from beginner level to a highly qualified Pc user, we give courses for personal or people to be familiarised with pc usage from Microsoft Office to graphic design softs, webpages creation and internet surfing, also we teach programming languages like C, C++, visual basic,etc..
  2. human developement : from the succefull conferences management, efective business management, time management to communicating skill and success bases,  we deliver all our services along with our succesful experience.
  3. IT Products Providing and Installing : we were the first to introduce IT technologies at the south region, we delivred more than 900 PC and other pc-related stuff, we also did provided, installed and even programmed IT networks in the zone for private and national organisation.



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