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Owned and established by both


Mr. Sassi Saeedb DABOO & Mr. Mohamed Salem GHASEM

In 1987, the African  Technical and information has been the first Technical institute to be established in Sebha, south Libya, under the name " African Computer Centre TM".

We mainly aim to train and introduce Computer Technology to the various affiliates in the region of South Libya and also to popularize computing education among the public. For this, we have already turned these affiliates into fully computerized offices connected through a unique network.

Viewed by 'Google earth', it could be clearly seen that our headquarters is half way between the faculty of science, Sebha university, and the Olympic Stadium in Sebha.

Our two-story building occupies an area of more than 1100m2. There is a an internet cafe, the first to provide internet service for the public in town, a workshop which is aimed to provide computer and computing-related equipment service and maintenance and a computing agency that aims to provide printing and management for the public. For the convenience of our staff, a coffee bar is also included.

In the first floor, there is the main office, six fully equipped Labs training. There are also modern classrooms, in which the latest teaching aids are used.

Concerning training, our center has supervised and trained more than (7552) students in various fields of computing and technology. This number also includes those intended to be highly qualified in certain careers.

Concerning Teaching, our center also provides special courses in English as a foreign language and ESP. We also play an important role in using and teaching technical language concerning different jobs. We run classes in English for university and secondary school students in cooperation with Sebha university.


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